Heart-Centered Therapies

Heart-Centered Therapies include:

Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Group Energetic Psychodrama and other processes.

The Heart-Centered model combines:

  • Humanistic psychology (Gestalt, TA)
  • Developmental psychology (inner child)
  • Behavior modification (classical and NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy (traditional & Ericksonian)
  • Jungian-Oriented Archetypal psychology

A holistic and integral approach to brief, deeply healing sessions that are both educational and experiential, and work to heal mind, body and emotions.

Clients experience a sense of control with new healthy behaviors.

Works effectively with:

  • Trauma
  • Compulsive disorders/addictions
  • Stress-related illness
  • Unlocking the inner child
    Incest and sexual abuse
  • Fears, phobias, and anxiety disorders
  • Retrieving repressed memories
  • Healthy expression of emotion
  • Spiritual and psychological integration

Heart-Centered Subtle Energy and Soul Psychology

Soul Work includes integrating disowned parts, physical and spiritual healing, and managing your personal energy.

Carl Jung writes (Man and His Symbols, 1964 p.161) “Everyone knows that people have complexes. What is not so well known is that complexes can have us.”

In the Jungian perspective, therapeutic healing begins with bringing pathological complexes (unwanted patterns of behavior) into experienced or embodied consciousness (not just conceptual and intellectual). Complexes are pathological when they remain unconscious and operate autonomously, below awareness and automatically. They become autonomous when they split off or dissociate, and accumulate enough energy to work against the overall good of the individual. This splitting off is usually the result of traumatic childhood experience.

When dissociation is broken and the complex is brought to consciousness, the emotional charge is assimilated and the autonomous nature of the complex is dissolved. The altered state of hypnotherapy allows access to these dissociated complexes, and provides the vehicle for reintegration.

Soul Psychology

Unravel the complexities of the connections between body and mind, emotion and enlightenment, karmic patterns, and soul lessons. In the depths of altered state psychotherapy we often encounter a quality of the individual that is remarkably uniquely his/her essence.

Prenatal and Birth Imprints

Discover the profound influence on one’s life and death of these early primal lessons. We have discovered that many people spontaneously regress to birth and womb experiences in their hypnotherapy sessions. The primal experiences of conception, implantation, or birth leave indelible patterns that most people reenact unconsciously throughout their lifetime.

Heart-Centered Soul Retrieval

When family members, clients or we, ourselves, are feeling empty, disconnected and depressed, these may all be signs of Loss of Soul or Soul Fragmentation. In typical shamanic work, the shaman will “journey” and bring back the soul of the client. In Heart-Centered Soul Retrieval, we regress the client back to the traumatic event, which resulted in the Soul loss. We then release the emotions connected to the trauma and direct the client to energetically reclaim the soul fragment and bring it back into the body. In our experience, this is a most powerful technique, which leaves the client feeling more whole and complete than ever before.

“Past” Life Therapy

Images of “past” or other lives often give us clues about what our current issues are. There has been much research conducted on children who report past life memories. The names, events and places that they describe have often been verified and validated. Whether these images or “memories” are “real” or simply metaphors, or have some other explanation, is not important. The important thing is that this material is in our unconscious and emerges to bring us messages about how to heal.

Dream Work

Dreams offer powerful symbols from the unconscious. The energy from these symbols can be used to create and direct the flow of energy in waking life. Through active imagination, we unlock the information from dream symbols that are uniquely personal messages to the individual dreamer.

Jungian-Oriented Archetypal Work

Archetypal images may come to us in waking life, via animals, geometry or numbers, language or sounds, or any variety of imagery.  Through active imagination we find the personal messages behind the persistent phenomena arising.