How it Works

  • Email for an appointment:
  • The number of sessions and financial arrangements are discussed in the first meeting, based on your unique situation and goals for self-care.
  • Sessions may be 60 or 90 minutes.  Sessions will likely alternate between hypnotherapy and talk therapy.

Most people are not aware that:

  • To ultimately be deeply at home in yourself, you will need to encounter some difficult feelings. It is a part of our human condition.
  • Repressing uncomfortable feelings is unhealthy in the long run. Acting out of painful emotions, or reacting, creates unwanted consequences.
  • Unprocessed childhood trauma requires a commitment of attention to process and heal.
  • Behavior change comes quickly when the unconscious is brought in to awareness.
  • Hypnotherapy can work quicker than talk therapy, and more can be accomplished in fewer sessions.
  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, a relaxed state that gives you access to memories, images and feelings not normally available in waking consciousness.
  • Hypnotherapy is very different from the entertainment of stage hypnotists.
  • A mental health diagnosis in not necessary to receive hypnotherapy services.
  • I encourage you to ask for what you want, and value the service to your ability.
  • Phone or Skype sessions are available when face to face meetings are not possible.

I always offer:

  • Deep listening, backed by many years of ongoing training and a rich professional network.
  • A heart-centered approach
  • A safe space for holding all of your experiences
  • Value for your resources of time and money
  • An honoring of your intention and commitment to move forward in your life. Your self-care is important.