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What is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transpersonal Life Coaching includes the heart and soul level in finding meaning and life purpose, while identifying specific steps to meet objectives.  It includes moving beyond ego and grandiosity to truly step into your greatness, transcending unnecessary limitation.

How is Transformational Life Coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is often about healing the wounds of childhood through self understanding, self compassion and care, releasing conditioned patterns of behavior, and creating corrective emotional experiences.

The process of Transformational Life Coaching includes building on individual strengths to realize one’s potential.  A coach helps to identify and build on those strengths towards highly satisfying outcomes.

How is the relationship structured?

Transformational Life Coaching includes weekly scheduled meetings for 35 minutes.  They may be in person at a private office, a public setting, or via phone or video over the internet.

Contact Louise for your initial 30 minute complimentary session:

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