Why Seek Help?

We all need help at times.   Each of us has absorbed unconscious thoughts and beliefs.   Some we were taught as a small child, and some we may have absorbed in utero.

Recent research in epigenetics (Bruce Lipton) shows that each cell has intelligence and responds subconsciously to its environment.  Until about age six when the conscious mind begins to monitor, we receive unfiltered programing from the environment.  The subconscious accepts it as true whether healthy or not.

Do you feel:

  • uncomfortable
  • stuck
  • blocked
  • anxious
  • out of control with certain behaviors
  • relationship challenges
  • disease

As humans, we all have areas of our lives that seem “broken”, blind spots, or times when we do not want to, or are unable to feel what is going on.  The toxic thoughts and emotions are below the surface, in the subconscious, making life uncomfortable and usually come from very early programming.

Sometimes we react in ways that harm relationships. Together, we explore these “blind spots” or “broken zones” and their source, and become aware of the feelings and thoughts around them. With greater awareness, new, conscious choices are made.

What does it mean to be “whole”?

It is not about perfecting oneself. It is more about relaxing completely, confidently and comfortably into BEING ones unique self – fully present, attentive, open, expressive and spontaneous in each moment.


Your self-care is important.

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