About Louise

I work with people who are waking up to their hearts and their wholeness. My clients experience increased awareness, healing, joy, self-actualization and beyond. They come ready to release the habits, thoughts, tendencies and patterns that do not work.

In this culture of overeating and over drinking, consumerism, striving and comparing, many people end up in a cycle of feeling like they are not enough, and then reacting or numbing out in a variety of ways.  Often, a habit of pleasing others, out of fear, separates us from our inner knowing.

In finding the true self, one begins to create the experiences truely wanted.  Success is an inside job.

Working together we create a safe space, where you find stillness, peace, and your innate wholeness. You learn to spend your energy wisely, and no longer buy-in to a “cultural trance.”  We shift the patterns interrupting your happiness and flow.  You learn to let go of what has kept you stuck.

Once these tendencies are identified, new conscious choices are made that create more joy, beauty, harmony and love. Complexity is handled with greater ease, and creativity flows. 

Louise Northcutt is an LPC, licensed professional counselor, in Georgia and has Masters Degrees in both counseling and education. With many years of specialized training, she is a certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a RoHun Purification Therapist, and a Transformational Life Coach.

Since 2004, she continues advanced clinical hypnotherapy training with the Wellness Institute in Washington state, and assists in teaching therapists.  Louise lives and practices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Specialties: Healing from Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Codependent Relationships, & Addiction; Yoga Psychology; Subtle Energy & Heart-centered Healing; Joy of Being Transformational Life Coaching.

Contact: [email protected] or 404-434-3235

Book a 15 min initial conversation to ask me any questions you have and see if we’re a fit to work together.

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