Heart-Centered Services

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Every individual has absorbed limiting blocks and fears over time. Some are held below our awareness and a result of overwhelming circumstances in childhood. The personal development work we do together gets to the source of your discomfort and unwanted behaviors. I work with individuals and couples toward your desired outcomes.


Hypnotherapy & Meditation

Hypnotherapy is a process of working in a relaxed state to move below the everyday, waking mind, and become aware of thoughts, feelings and memories that are outside our ordinary awareness. Guided imagery leads us into this relaxed state where you have access to intuition and inner knowing.  This enables new healthy choices, present moment awareness and creative inspiration.

Professional Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching includes finding meaning and life purpose. With our inquiry, you identify the actions to create your wanted outcomes. Whether you want to write a screenplay or learn a new language, or some long time dream, we work together to assist you in having it. The process includes moving beyond ego, finding your own inner knowing, transcending unnecessary limitation, and stepping into your authentic greatness.

Transformational Groups

Joy of Being: A Series on Living Your Wholeness – This group is focused on living the life of your choosing. It is a journey with a small group. We meet supporting the intention to live in joy, and aware of our wholeness, as conscious creators.

Subtle Energy Therapy & Healing

  • Connect with your Wise Self
  • Birth Trauma Extinguishing
  • Soul Recovery
  • Other Life Therapy
  • Healing Heart Fears
  • Healing Unconscious Death Urges
  • Womb Clearing pre or post pregnancy process for women and for men who may have experienced the lost a child before it was born.

RoHun Purification

An energy-based method of healing, RoHun(™) blends spiritual and psychological processes to access and clear blocks in one’s life. These self-limiting thoughts are a result of life’s experiences, that lead to suffering and beliefs that keep individuals stuck in repetitive, reactive patterns.

RoHun (™) is a rapid-acting transpersonal psychotherapy delivered as an intensive series of sessions (3 or more 2-hours each), scheduled closely together. I assist in facilitating energetic release by actively working in your energy field while you lay on the massage table. You and your soul team uncover limiting thoughts and reactions, and in this beautiful energetic process find the way to true forgiveness, and open to receive love and joy with ease.

Book a 15 min initial conversation to ask me any questions you have and see if we’re a fit to work together.